The man turns his collection of bottle caps into an exceptional kitchen bar

Nowadays, artisanal techniques in the interior of the house are in fashion.

Many people, when renovating or decorating their home, seek to give it a special and individual touch.

Thanks to the Internet, one can find a large number of people who come up with really interesting ideas.

Looking for different ideas inspires and helps people to create practical and simple things that can be used around the house to give it the look you want.

A user called Chris has delighted many internet users. For 5 years, the man has been collecting bottle caps.

He mostly collected the ones he liked the most or were attractive.

After collecting these caps, he had a perfect idea to give them a useful shape.

He had a brilliant idea to modify the whole bar that surrounded the kitchen with the corks he had collected.

First, he painted the bar table black, so it wouldn’t stand out against the rest of the kitchen.

Then, he placed each of the corks one by one, creating a range of colors like a real rainbow.

It is obvious that Chris did his job with great precision and patience, as this work had to be done with great care.

When he was done with his hard work, he prepared a mixture of epoxy resin and a hardener.

Once the mixture was ready, he started applying it all over the surface in 5 thin coats to make sure it was an even coat.

The result was fascinating, the counter gave color and originality to the kitchen.

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