star Aniston proudly showed off her charming figure

Special attention deserves the look of the star in a bikini at 53 years old.

Recently, the legendary star of “Friends” and one of the most striking and successful actresses Jay Aniston deprived everyone of the speech, proudly demonstrating her amazing and desired body.

The cult actress shared vacation photos, in which she delighted absolutely everyone with her femininity and charm.

The talented and famous actress admitted that she hits the gym at least three times a week, explaining the benefits of classes.

The famous movie star wrote. “I do 50 minute intervals on my elliptical trainer. I go up the slope, then I run for two or three minutes and I go one, I run another two or three”.

Rachel from the popular series admits that he only feels good when he works productively and brings in the end of the workout.

What do you think of the appearance of a famous actress at 53 years old?


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