Hank Williams Jr. lost his wife and daughter for 2 years

The couple had two children during the years following the marriage.

Hank Williams Jr. met his future wife, a Hawaiian former suntan lotion model Mary Jane Thomas, at one of his concerts in Washington in 1985.

Five years later, they walked to the altar at the University Congregational Church in Missoula, Montana, along with 50 of their relatives and friends.

The couple had two children during the years following the marriage.

Katherine Diana was born in 1993, and four years later Sam Weston was born.

He also had a son Shelton by his first wife Gwen Yeargain and two daughters Holly and Hilary by second wife Becky White.

Holly, Hillary and Sam are famous artists who followed in their father’s footsteps.

Shelton is a well-known country and punk rock country, known by the stage name Hank Williams III.

Only William Katherine’s youngest daughter bore no resemblance to her father.

On the other hand, she has made a name for herself in the fashion world and has her own clothing line.

Katherine had the closest connection to her father and she often characterized herself as her father’s daughter.

Sadly, her violent life was cut short in June 2020, when she and her husband had a tragic accident, which resulted in her death and her husband being seriously injured.

The mother of two was just 27 years old.

He lost his wife following an accident during a medical intervention.

Four months after his death, the cause of his death has finally been revealed.

According to the opening report received by the news, Mary Jane had a complication after the medical procedure.

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