fans broke down in tears when they found out about Lisa’s cardiac arrest

The death of Presley’s daughter brought everyone to tears.

At the age of 54, the gifted and praiseworthy American singer, the heiress of the legendary E. Presley died of cardiac arrest, leaving everyone in tears.

Recently, the heartbreaking news that the heiress of a cult man died in a clinic next to his house in Kalabasas due to cardiac arrest, left no one indifferent. Many personalities, including J. Travolta, could not resist their emotions. The beautiful portrait of Lisa Travolta posted on social networks.

His words to the deceased singer were deeply touched by network users. “I am so to blame. I will miss you“.

Famous movie star L. Remini was speechless after the tragic news that Lisa experienced a lot, including the death of her beloved father from a heart attack in 1977, when she was still nine years old. Then his son B. Kio committed suicide at the age of 27.

But how T. Hanks reacted to the incredible news. “She was so honest, sensitive and very vulnerable. Now our hearts are full of sadness and regret.

On the same day, the famous singer complains of abdominal pain and after some time the governess finds her unconscious and at that time her ex-husband is at home.

Despite the fact that the man gave her artificial respiration, it did not help her at all, and the woman was immediately taken to the hospital in an extremely serious condition. It is noteworthy that next to her was her mother at that time.

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