You will be touched by discovering why the white horse walked the streets alone

In Frankfurt, Germany, a beautiful Arabian horse walked the streets every morning.

The animal was walking on its own and it knew the way very well.

Previously, the 25-year-old mare Jenny always passed this way with her owner, Werner Weischedel, and other horses.

But his beloved master was old and, unfortunately, he lost his life 15 years ago.

And the white mare continued his morning walks each day and did the same route he did with Werner.

Shortly after, her friend, a black mare named Charlie, also left this world.

After the loss of her husband, his owner’s widow realized that the horse needed the morning rides and at first he accompanied her himself.

But then she realized that the horse could walk on its own.

And Jenny had been doing it every day, for fifteen years, walking the same paths he walked with his former owner.

At first, people who didn’t know his story were very surprised when they saw the solitary horse wandering around the neighborhood.

There were even those who thought the bizarre animal might be dangerous.

However, over time, everyone learned his story and the police also knew that he was a good animal.

And now people were greeting Jenny, they were talking to her and caressing her.

Jenny became famous all over Germany.

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