What Siamese Twins From India Look Like Now Who Were Separated In 2017

Prince and Love Zaarte were born on September 19, 2016 in a maternity hospital in Mumbai, India. Their mother, Shettar, was five months pregnant when she found out they were conjoined twins. Unsure if there was a chance of separating them, the Zalts began saving for the impending operation.

After Prince and Love were born, they underwent a thorough examination. Several specialists concluded that they could be separated after a certain time. Shettar and Sagar never doubted their decision to separate their children, not for a moment. They went to the best clinic they could afford.

When the siblings turned one year old, a team of specialists began the long process of preparing for the separation. It took about two months. The operation itself was scheduled for December 12, 2017. For 12 hours, 30 specialists worked hard to breathe new life into Prince and Love. In the morning, Dr. Shakuntala Prabhu comforted the parents with good news: “Everything went well!”.

Since the children were independent, they had a lot to learn. Under the supervision of specialists, they learned to crawl, stand and walk. Children take the first steps towards independence from the age of two.

Doctors watch “The Prince and Cupid” for an entire year. At that point, they are already almost a family for each other. On the day of the first anniversary of the separation, the entire clinical team came to Zalter to celebrate this happy day with tea and birthday cake. The separation of these conjoined twins was an important milestone for the clinic. The clinic is now one of the leading clinics in the country to handle such cases.

The twins were separated in 2017 and are now almost four years old. Children have a very mobile lifestyle and it is almost impossible to separate them from their peers. The two brothers spend almost all their time together. They have the same feelings, the same tastes and the same preferences. This is not surprising, since only two and a half years ago they were almost the same person.
Children love to play football and dream of becoming professional athletes when they grow up. The most important thing is that they are completely healthy and happy. We wish them good luck and much success in all their endeavours.

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