They granted their father’s last wish: he walked them down the aisle.

Willie Shelton was a United States Army veteran. The man had seven daughters among whom there were also those who were adopted.

Mr. Shelton loved all of his daughters equally and wanted to walk them all down the aisle.

Yet his dream could not come true, as it turned out that the man had cancer which was in its final stage.

But despite all that, the girls wanted to grant their beloved father’s last wish.

They decided to repeat the wedding ceremony of their older sister Emily who was already married.

With their mother Cheryl Shelton, they prepared everything for the wedding.

But everything was kept secret so that their father could not suspect anything.

Giving an interview to Fox News, the mother said: “My husband didn’t know anything about what we had prepared for him.

I just told her that Emily had asked her sisters to be bridesmaids.

But he didn’t guess that all the girls were going to wear bridal outfits. »

It was not easy to find dresses for all the girls, especially for the little ones.

Still, the girls decided to realize their ideas at all costs. And luckily, they succeeded.

When during the wedding ceremony Willie learned everything, he was delighted with the decision of his daughters.

He made his dream come true by leading these girls down the aisle.

The happy father was even able to get out of his wheelchair to photograph himself with his daughters dressed in wedding dresses.

Two weeks passed after that party and Willie left this world.

But there were several photos where the man was happy. And he remained so in the memory of his wife and children.

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