The identical triplets from England are now five years old. How are they now?

Becky-Jo Allen from the UK first became a mum when she was 20. The girl was named Indiana, and when she turned two, her parents decided to give her a sibling.

At the end of 2014, Becky-Joe learned that she was pregnant, but another surprise awaited her before the Christmas holidays. A search the day before revealed that she was pregnant with not one, but three babies at once! The news sent waves of unpredictable emotions through Becky Jo’s eyes.

Becky-Jo Allen and her boyfriend Liam Tierney were convinced there could never be twins or triplets in their family. This is because there had never been such a case in their own family. However, fate had a special gift for them.

Rocco, Roman and Rohan were born in July 2015. They weighed just over 1.5 kg at birth. They ate very well and gained weight very quickly. It didn’t take long before they got home from the hospital.

The birth of triplets is unusual in itself. But these babies were even luckier: they were born as identical twins.

The mother of many children became world famous in just a few days. Most major British and American newspapers attempted to obtain photographs of the three babies.

According to Becky Jo herself, when she tries to take her triplets for a walk, she is immediately surrounded by passers-by who stare at the cute babies like they are peas in a pod. Becky Jo started a social networking site and posted photos of his sons. She now has more than 62,000 followers.

Indiana also spends most of her free time with her siblings. To others, however, Rocco, Roman, and Rohan seem like exact copies.

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