Maria gave birth to a daughter in 2012 and 87 days later gave birth to her twin sister. What do girls look like now?

Maria and Chris Jones-Elliott were thrilled when they learned they were expecting twins. They already had an adult son and daughter and were thrilled to have two little sisters at the same time. The couple had thought of the girls‘ names, Amy and Katie, in advance. The twins were due in September, but things didn’t go as planned. At the end of May, Maria, who was 24 weeks pregnant, felt that she would soon become a mother. She went to a nearby clinic and gave birth to daughter Amy on June 1.

Since it was a premature birth, the baby was developing quite well, weighing only 540 grams. Her sister, on the other hand, was in no hurry to give birth. Thanks to the physical peculiarities of her mother, she was able to continue to wait for the scheduled date.

Maria only gave birth to Katie on August 27, 2012, 87 days after her twin sister was born. Katie weighed 2550 grams and was about 44 cm tall. The twins were able to return home almost at the same time. By then, Amy had put on a lot of weight, but was still much shorter than her sister.

The two girls were born almost three months apart and immediately caught the attention of the media. They also set a new world record, which was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. Although Amy and Katie are twins, they have two birthdays. At each of them, the two girls received congratulations and gifts.

When Amy was a year old, she almost caught up with her little sister. The twins look a lot alike, but the girls have very different personalities.

Amy is now eight years old and Katie is only seven, but she will soon be celebrating her birthday and catching up with her big sister. The twins are already preparing for their second year of primary school this year. They learn very well and help each other in everything they do.

The girls‘ names are written on their schoolbags so that their classmates and teachers can recognize them more easily. In contrast, parents can easily notice many differences between their daughters born 87 days apart.

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