How 31-year-old Kyle Jones fell in love with a 91-year-old woman

While Kyle Jones’ friends were falling for their classmates and asking them out on dates, the boy was dating older women on dating sites. Kyle has always been attracted to women with a lot of life experience, simply put. However, it was not on the internet that he met his girlfriend, but in a store located opposite his home. Meet Marjorie McCall, who is 60 years older than Kyle.

Kyle and Marjorie met in 2009. A 31-year-old man was walking through the store when he met a woman who suddenly caught his eye. At the time, Margery was 91 and Kyle fell in love with her.

Margery, who hadn’t been with a man in decades, responded to the boy’s feelings and a whirlwind romance developed between them. The next step was to meet his parents. Kyle had been raised by his mother Cecilia, so she knew what her son liked. So when she saw the girl he had chosen, she wasn’t surprised.

Kyle and Margery’s mother have become very close. They were all having tea together, looking at old photos from the family album. Finally, Cecilia congratulated them on their marriage. Lovers were not shy about expressing their feelings in public, often hugging and kissing on the street. Their relationship was heading towards marriage, but for a long time Margery did not have the courage to take this step.

Seven years later, a loving Miss Marjorie is gone. Now Kyle is 42 and in love with a new love. Her name is Jackie and the age difference is only 24 years.

Kyle and Jackie have been pen pals for a long time and started dating two years ago. The woman recently moved in with her boyfriend. Jackie is a good conversationalist, a good cook and has three children. They are all older than Kyle, but they don’t mind the fact that Kyle is their father.

Kyle has proposed to the man he is going to marry and they are now planning their wedding. Why do you think Kyle likes older women? Can he fall in love with a man much older than him?

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