What Nicolas Cage’s fourth wife looks like, whom he filed for divorce from four days after the wedding

Nicolas Cage has starred in over 100 films. In the credits of his first film, he gave his real name, Nicola Coppola, but in 1983 he changed his surname to a more sonorous name for the needs of the film industry.

In the same year, the comedy Valley Girl was released and Nicolas was paid $5,000 for the lead role. Cage enjoyed worldwide success in the late 1990s, working on several blockbuster films: ‘Leaving Las Vegas’, ‘Snake Eyes’, ‘The Changeling’ and many more.

At the beginning of the third millennium, the actor was even more successful. Starring roles in “Speaking with the Wind,” “National Treasure,” and “Ghost Rider” not only raised his profile with audiences, but also netted him a healthy $20 million for each role.

However, Nicholas was forced to sell the mansion and several other properties, thereby losing considerable value. The actor’s pressing financial needs were mainly related to his personal life. Cage was then married for the third time and had to deal with the division of the property of his previous wives.

Erika, 26, is an expert in cosmetics and make-up. She is almost 32 years younger than her ex-husband. Her marriage to Nicholas was registered in March 2019, but Cage filed for divorce just four days after the wedding.

He explained his decision saying he didn’t realize what was going on at the time and he wasn’t ready to get married.

Before the wedding, Nicola and Erica dated for a few months, trying not to be seen by the paparazzi, but after such a short marriage, they simply stopped communicating properly. Erica thinks Cage owes her compensation for his behavior.

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