This is an outstanding cafe where you can work out and only pay for lunch

This is an exceptional cafe where you can work out and only pay for lunch.

This famous cafe is in the UK, London and is called Run For Your Bun.

The founder of this company is a charity fitness center called Lloyd Clubs which opened its first cafe where customers can pay for their lunch with a six-minute workout.

The idea is to encourage workers to be more active during the day so that they can take care of their health.

Apparently, public interest in their health is increasing more and more and men are adopting a healthy lifestyle which is very important.

Creating its first sports café, the authors of this project are trying to make Run For Your Bun the favorite place for young people where you can eat and train at the same time.

According to Lloyd Clubs, office workers these days typically spend most of their working day seated.

This can cause different troubles and to avoid such unpleasant situation one should lead an active lifestyle by visiting gyms.

And this special cafe is a place where people can eat and exercise during their breaks.

The management of the cafe tries that its customers follow only a healthy diet.

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