Scottish photographer Kieran Dodds has photographed several redheads around the world

Talented photographer Kieran Dodds has photographed several redheads all over the world.

According to unofficial information, people who have red hair make two percent in the world.

It should be noted that Scotland is considered a birthplace of redheads and Scottish photographer Kieran Dodds himself is redheaded.

For 7 years he worked on an idea, studying redheads.

He has traveled to different countries photographing people whose hair has this delicious color, between yellow and red, with golden highlights.

Kieran revealed that the particularity of these men is not only in their hair, but these individuals have a special energy.

In order for people to feel and conceive the uniqueness and uniqueness of red-haired people, Kieran Dodds grouped all his photos taken into a collection and shared them on the Internet.

When we look at the photos of all these people, men, women, children, we feel that apart from the color of their hair, between them, there is something in common, which unites them.

The red-haired photographer found his models by traveling everywhere, in China, Russia, Cuba, Jamaica and elsewhere.

Kieran said being redhead is beautiful, but not in school, because redheaded kids get attention from their peers and are always a joke.

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