Olivia de Havilland called her sister a lady-dragon

This struggle of the sisters started quite early when they were teenagers.

Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine are sisters who ruled Hollywood and became one of the most legendary actresses.

Although they both had successful careers, they also had one of the longest sibling rivalries in Hollywood.

This struggle of the sisters didn’t start when they started acting in movies, but very early when they were teenagers.

According to the news, it all started with their mother staying after their father left with his lover.

Lillian de Havilland, Fontaine, de Havilland’s mother, married George Fontaine, whom Joan became close to and her sister did not.

According to Joan de Havilland’s biography, “There Is No Bed of Roses,” de Havilland could not bear the prospect of split parental attention.

Consequently, their relationship became competitive, which continued into adulthood.

Siblings are known to argue, but go to bed quickly.

But de Havilland and Fontaine reached new heights.

At the age of nine, one of the sisters nearly killed the other. Fontaine claimed that her sister had broken her collarbone.

A public feud between Hollywood sisters was sparked by an article in Life magazine under the title Sister Act, published shortly before the 1942 Oscar.

After de Havilland and Fontaine were nominated, the race began for who will receive an Oscar.

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