Frankie Laforgue plays the saxophone in the water: the interpretation of the melody is divine

Can musicians play in water and especially while swimming? You will say that it depends on the instrument.

Sure. But not all saxophonists will be able to play in water and even swim.

This demonstrates great musical talent and magnificent swimming abilities.

In this unusual video, saxophonist Frankie Laforgue plays a jazz composition by Duke Ellington, the famous „In a Sentimental Mood“.

He performs this music in Turin, Italy, while swimming under a bridge.

Laforgue plays brilliantly and very freely, lying on his back and his body floating on the peaceful waters of the river.

The wonderful acoustics below deck make the sweet sound of the instrument more sentimental, and the echo of the melody floats around.

And it seems that all the river bridges have been awakened from their quiet slumber.

And no one can remain indifferent to this fascinating performance with delightful acoustics.

This video became very popular with comments full of compliments aimed at the talent of the magnificent and inventive saxophonist.

“It’s not just a musician who is swayed by a flow of the river playing in order to amuse people.

Everything is perfect: his physical form, the control of the lungs, the relaxation and finally the acoustics, ”wrote one of the netizens.

You can admire this divine interpretation here!

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