You will be speechless seeing the parakeet’s reaction when the baby starts to wail

You will remain open-mouthed in surprise and admiration, seeing the parrot’s reaction when the baby begins to wail.

When pets and newborn babies meet for the first time, something unimaginable always happens.

Parents of little ones often worry when the pet approaches the infant and wonder how their baby will interact around an unfamiliar creature.

Usually they keep the animal away in order to protect the baby.

Yet this baby’s parents did the opposite, letting their little boy get to know their pet bird, a species of parrot called the cockatiel.

When the two-week-old infant began to wail, and the cockatiel, wasting no time, began to sing to the baby.

Hearing his voice, the toddler fell silent and began to contemplate the parakeet singing for him.

The little boy was so amazed by the birdsong that he couldn’t stop staring at it, and the cockatiel still kept comforting the baby with his lullaby.

The parents filmed these pleasant moments and after being shared on social networks, the video went very viral.

This adorable scene has amazed thousands of people!

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