The chimpanzee had an emotional encounter with her baby after being separated for two days

The chimpanzee mother had an emotional reunion with her newborn baby after being separated for two days.

The chimpanzee Mahale lives at the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita, Kansas.

When the monkey gave birth, the veterinarians noticed that the little one had breathing problems.

Zoo staff had to separate the baby called Kucheza which in African Bantu language means happy.

They put him in a special place so that the veterinary team could treat him.

After two days, the mother chimpanzee was taken home to her cub.

Zoo workers filmed the mother’s emotional encounter with her baby.

The clip became very popular and moved thousands of Internet users.

In this video, the mother monkey is seen entering the voting booth wearing a white blanket.

At first, she didn’t notice anything.

But when she approached where her baby lay, she was curious to know what was hiding in the layers of the blanket.

And when Mahale wanted to look into the blanket, the baby stuck out his arm, as if recognizing his mother.

The mother chimpanzee immediately recognized her child and took him in her arms.

She hugged Kucheza so tenderly like a human mother would.

Emotional exclamations from staff members were heard.

Mother and baby reunited after two days apart.

And from now on, they were going to live together in their compound.

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