not everyone liked Kassel’s recent daring photo with his young wife Kunakey

Kassel and Kunakey’s recent photo was heavily criticized by the actor’s fans

Currently, the couple of the French movie star and Bellucci’s ex-husband V. Cassel and his second wife, model T. Kunakey, is considered one of the brightest, but at the same time scandalous in ‘today.

Even though absolutely everyone was more than sure that the couple would soon separate, they still do not stop expressing their mutual feelings for each other and will soon celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary and 8 years of relationship. .

While the spouses are still causing a stir on the network as many continue to heavily criticize them claiming that they are more like a grandfather with his granddaughter. Some even noticed that Vincent had lost a lot of weight and looked more harmonious with Monica.

A large number of Internet users still accuse the French actor of having divorced Bellucci, considered the embodiment of beauty and feminine attractiveness, the true icon of style and femininity claiming that the young model cannot not even be compared to the Italian diva.

According to millions, Kunakey can never top Monica since she is just a young model compared to one of the most charming and graceful women on the planet.

It is undeniable that Bellucci has no equal and surely there are not many women like her.

The Italian diva’s recent seductive look on the cover of a German magazine literally left everyone speechless. The iconic diva was in a bubbly champagne and completely sheer blouse.

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