Margot Robbie in a silk dress on the red carpet shocked the fans

The 32-year-old Hollywood actress was in Australia to present the premiere of her film Babylon. Margot stepped out in her signature Versace dress. The combination of silk and chunky red lace caused controversy among fans. Many said the outfit was inappropriate for the star.”

The red lace ruined the dress”, “She did everything to hide her beauty”, “The dress should have been placed differently on the chest”. And no lace”, “Is it me or does it look like something is growing on his chest”? – User comments.

However, stylist Donny Gallela claimed that Margot looked more conquering than ever on previous red carpets. The fashion expert recalled that Robbie was born in Australia and encouraged her to pay attention to the work of local designers.

“Love this powder blue Versace outfit on her. Good to see her not wearing Chanel. This dress is inspired by the Versace dress that Carla Bruni wore to the Met Gala in 1995. But I wish she had worn a local brand for the Australian premiere.

Imagine wearing couture from J’Aton, Steven Khalil, Toni Maticevski, Yousef Akbar, Nicky Velani and Pallas Couture. I want to see it in precious tones – blue, green, red, gold, silver,” says Galera.

Donnie also noted that Margot will still amaze audiences with her fashion experiments as the Barbie movie nears release. The stylists also talked about the „baby“ look that director Tom Ackerley’s wife chose for the Golden Globes. According to Gallella, it was a bit boring.

“I expected a lot more. She is very talented and very beautiful, and I just wanted to see her in a couture dress that shows off her features. She has a relationship with Chanel, so she probably got paid to wear that dress.

Many celebrities sign a contract and are then forced to wear only this brand”, estimates the expert.

The Barbie and Babylon star said. It’s great to be back in your home country. After the official event, Margot went to the Sky bar with her old classmates. The actress chose a cream-colored dress for the social gathering.

The silk outfit with a deep neckline showed off the power of Robbie’s figure. The movie diva appeared in a video posted by her friend Brittany Lindors. Margot seemed happy and calm.

Friends of the actress were also spotted on the red carpet in Sydney. While the actress was being interviewed, her classmates called her out. The actress calmly turned around and greeted her friends.

A funny moment appeared in the photo. Margot’s school nickname was also revealed. Hey, Maggot,” a man shouted.

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