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The private lives of celebrities were followed around the world.

Mel Gibson married actress Robyn Moore in 1980. They are one of Hollywood’s leading celebrity couples and have made no secret of their feelings for the love of their life in numerous interviews. However, after nearly 30 years of marriage, Gibson has decided to leave his girlfriend.

The reason is his affair with a Russian pianist. Unable to bear her husband’s infidelity, Mrs Moore filed for divorce. All property was then divided equally, with a prenuptial agreement signed between the couple.

As a result, the entire divorce process would have cost the couple nearly half a billion dollars. For a long time, he never left the headlines of the American media, and the whole country discussed only his private life.

However, her romance with Grigorieva did not turn out to be happy for her. A year later, the two separate and are no longer a couple.

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