Emily Ratakowski shows off her photo without makeup

The new face of Versace proves once again that beautiful women don’t need makeup.

Emilia Ratajkovski shows off her perfect body — with or without clothes — with enviable regularity on Instagram.

This time, the 27-year-old model decided to show what she looks like without makeup. Emilia posted a photo of herself posing in a polka dot sundress. She had no makeup, no mascara, no lipstick. At the same time, her skin was radiant and healthy, without any wrinkles.

Although the model did not comment on the photo, her followers praised her natural beauty and freshness.

Journalists often ask Emilia how she keeps in shape and takes care of her skin. In an interview, the model admitted that she follows her diet very carefully, hence her beautiful figure and healthy skin.

The model also admitted that she doesn’t have a fondness for sweets, so she doesn’t have to limit herself.

“I love croissants and raisins, so in the morning I always treat myself to a loaf of bread and my favorite coffee.

I don’t like packets of crisps and sweets, but I allow myself to eat something sweet for breakfast. I feel like I need iron every day, so I always have a juicy steak and salad for lunch.

I don’t see the point of limiting myself to these foods. Clean protein and fiber are the most important factors in having great skin, a great body, and good health,” Ratakowski says.

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