you can only guess it’s their mother

Neither time nor family difficulties had any effect on her. An American who gave birth to 11 children can easily consider her offspring as a big sister. Aged 37, she seems to have never experienced so many pregnancies and sleepless nights in her life.

Veronica Merritt gave birth to her first child in 1999 and realized motherhood was her true calling. This woman wanted a large and happy family and realized her dream.

The happy mother of many children constantly shares family photos with her social media followers. It is clear that they are never boring or lonely.

You’ll hold your breath when you see this mother of 11: she looks like a child herself.

Above all, users like collective photos, on which they leave admiring comments: “You have very beautiful children!”. “You are an extraordinary mother”, “You are a superwoman!”.

Sometimes, however, Mrs. Merritt has to resist prying questions about why she has so many children. Looking at this American, one can say with certainty that she is happy in her life. And her look hasn’t changed much over the years, which makes her sequel all the more striking and delightful.

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