this is how Talerico from “Hang on, Charlie!” has changed over the years

The daughter of one of the most famous memes of the time has become a real beauty

The release of the popular TV series “Hang on, Charlie!” hit the screens becoming the favorite series of millions of viewers and what’s more, a sequence from it quickly became one of the funniest memes of the time. There were a number of hilarious and fascinating scenes in the series that tell the story of Charlie’s family. And, in the next scene, the main character spreads his arms expressing his surprise and, to some extent, his indignation. The interesting moment quickly became cult, immediately going viral on the Internet.

Note that the iconic role of little Charlie was brilliantly interpreted by this adorable little movie star who, despite his very young age, has gained global recognition and popularity. Her parents were more than sure that Mia could definitely succeed in the acting career, while the girl, anyway, decided to choose another path.

She began to pay more attention to studies and personal development. The little star regularly took dance lessons, and was also actively engaged in sports. When netizens look at Mia, it becomes hard to believe that she is the same girl from the popular meme since she has become a real beauty.

Did you know the meme was actually from the show?


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