The spouses opened the suitcase before the flight and saw something incredible

This incident happened with a married couple in Lubbock, Texas.

Jared and Christy Owens have decided to go on vacation to Las Vegas.

They have dreamed of this trip for a long time and have been waiting impatiently for the day of their departure.

While their suitcase was being weighed at the airport, they saw that three kilograms had increased, even though they weighed it at home.

The spouses suspected something was wrong and opened the suitcase to examine it.

While digging it, they saw their dog, the chihuahua, named Icki, hiding in Jared’s boot.

The pooch was comfortably installed and when we discovered him, he did not move.

But taking the dog was impossible without proper documentation. And Jared and Christy didn’t know how to act.

Fortunately, there was someone who came to their aid. She was an airport worker named Cathy Cook.

The kind woman offered her help to the spouses. She decided to take Icki in until her owners returned from their trip.

The dog stayed in Lubbock with Cathy’s foster family.

The couple and their dog were lucky, because hidden longer in the suitcase, during the flight the dog could be suffocated.

The Owens were immensely grateful to the airline and especially to employee Cathy Cook for her kindness and kindness.

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