The mother pretends to sneeze and the reaction of the little one makes thousands of people laugh

This funny video was posted by a woman who lives in Gulfport, Mississippi. Her name is Kayla.

Kayla and her husband Lindsay Coppock have a baby boy. Benson is a cute and very fun baby.

The mom pretends to sneeze and the little one’s hilarious reaction has thousands of people laughing.

Adorable moment when the baby is invaded by uncontrollable laughter when his mother fake sneezes trying to feed him.

The child is sitting in his high chair and to make him eat, the mother continually pretends to sneeze and little Benson does not stop laughing.

It’s the sweet moment when the baby can’t help laughing when his mother continuously pretends to sneeze.

The toddler’s joy is so contagious that when laughing, tears flow from the mother’s eyes.

The little one laughs in such a way that it causes amusement and brings joy to those who watch this clip.

While feeding Benson, Kayla had no idea that a sneeze could be so continual and would make the little one laugh so much and that by sharing the video, the baby, in turn, would amuse so many people.

We don’t know if the baby ate enough, but we’re sure he laughed a lot with his mom and made thousands of network users laugh.

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