The bird’s reaction to its owner leaving this world brought everyone to tears

Most people can’t stand loneliness. It can be overwhelming and people live with animals to have faithful companions.

In order not to live alone, people more often adopt dogs, cats, sometimes birds and even fish and small reptiles.

Among these creatures are pets that have very affectionate feelings and feel pain like humans.

This story touched the hearts of many people.

She proves that even birds can have feelings of pain and deal with stress.

The protagonist of our story is an elderly lady who lived with an African gray parrot for 25 years.

The lady and the parrot named Sinbad bonded in an affectionate and deep friendship.

These parrots live about 50 years, that is, they can live longer than their owners.

After living together for 25 years, the old lady fell ill and was taken to hospital.

When the doctors understood that he had little time left to live, they invited his relatives to come and say their last goodbye.

The woman’s daughter brought back her adorable visiting bird.

These last emotional moments were caught on camera and shared on the internet and the post went viral.

The elderly woman is lying on a bed in an emergency unit and her faithful parrot, realizing the situation, has remained very calm near her owner throughout the visit.

The woman, collecting her last strength, said to her bird “I love you. Sinbad understood his words and acted touchingly.

After the final farewell, the parrot was adopted by the woman’s daughter.

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