Angelina Jolie was surprised in a silk dress leaving a hotel.

Angelina Jolie was again surprised by the paparazzi. This time, the Hollywood actress was caught leaving her New York hotel.

The star once again bet on her favorite monochromatic look. This time, she opted for black. Angie wore a long silk dress and a textured trench coat over the shoulders.

Despite the lack of sunlight, she wore aviator sunglasses. Angelina left the hotel early in the morning. It was still dark, just before dawn.

She was carrying a large YSL leather bag and had a cup of coffee in her hand. Jolie walks confidently to her car parked nearby, ignoring street photographers.

Her fans are actively discussing her new look in public.” What is she trying to hide? Why glasses? Is she sleep deprived or what?” What a beauty, even in such a dark outfit, she has a great feminine aura,” “Angie is still a beauty no matter what! “. ‘. – The blogger wrote.

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