The heroic dog saved the life of an elderly woman who got lost in the woods

Several American police departments use canine officers in their work.

They are four-legged friends who dedicate their lives to finding and rescuing people.

Police officer Dustin Brock was doing his job with his K9 dog Saby, German Shepherd. Brock worked in Birmingham Police’s K9 SRT unit.

Recently, the brave dog found an old lady who got lost in the forest.

When the 90-year-old went missing overnight, Birmingham police approached the famous duo, police officer Brukc and fellow K9 Saby.

They had worked together for two years and had a brilliant reputation.

So the lifeguard team, along with Brukc and Saby, headed into the woods in search of the elderly lady named Hubbard.

The brave dog led them right to a stream near which the lost woman was found.

At first everyone thought the woman was not alive, as she was lying there and not moving.

But when one of the policemen called her, she raised her head.

Mrs. Hubbard had a mental disorder and, on leaving her house, went in the direction of the forest and strayed nearby.

And thanks to the canine agent Saby and her human companion, the lady was quickly found and taken to the hospital.

It was not the first time that the faithful dog came to the aid of people who needed him and discovered different bandits.

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