The dog befriended a homeless man he met every day while walking

When Sora first saw him, he looked into his master’s eyes. Thibault understood everything by saying “go ahead! »

Sora is a Husky dog ​​and he, a homeless, named Bruno.

Sora and his owner were enjoying walking together, when one day the dog saw the homeless. He approached Bruno and the man stroked him.

It was a mutual love from the first sight.

Since that day in August 2022, while walking, the good doggie always crossed Bruno.

Each time, Thibault bought him a coffee and a croissant and sometimes gave him money.

Bruno did not yet know that thanks to this adorable doggie, luck would smile on him forever.

First, Thibault bought a tent for the homeless and then a telephone.

And every day, passing the tent, the dog entered it to greet his friend and give him hugs with cheerful barking.

And if he didn’t find him there, he waited patiently for him to come back.

Thibault filmed their meetings and their relationships and shared the video on TikTok. It made a big rumor on the internet.

Thanks to the users, Thibault collected funds which at the beginning reached 6000 euros.

Sora and his owner took Bruno home to take care of him.

Thibault then did everything for Bruno to obtain a passport.

Already, Bruno had enough money in his account and with the help of Thibault, started a new life.

Speaking about this story, Thibault said that Bruno succeeded thanks to the incredible love of Sora who gave him a new life.

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