The camera captured how the woman bravely saves her dog who fell into an icy pool

In the state of Tennessee in the United States, it rarely snows, and the temperature below zero also happens very little.

But when the state was hit by a blizzard, it snowed heavily and the winter was cold.

After the storm, an exceptional event happened and the security camera captured everything that happened.

A woman named Jennie Tatum let her two dogs play in her garden among the snow.

Olaf and Sid were having fun when, while running towards the pool, one of the dogs fell into the freezing water.

The water in the pool was frozen and the ice bothered the dog and he couldn’t swim.

Jennie immediately noticed that Sid had fallen into the pool.

She managed to react quickly. The woman immediately jumped into the water, coming to the rescue of her four-legged friend.

“I didn’t have time to think anything. I didn’t even imagine how cold the water could be,” the woman told WTVF.

Security camera footage shows what happened next.

In the video, we see that at first Jennie couldn’t find the dog.

She started looking for him in the freezing water for a minute.

Fortunately, she was able to find the dog and remove him from the pool.

The woman wrapped Sid up and called her neighbors. They were able to walk through the snow together to get to the veterinary clinic.

Sid quickly found his strength, but at first he was afraid to go out into the garden.

And when the snow and ice disappeared, he started playing with Olaf as usual.

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