Lisa-Maria Presley dies at 54

Lisa Maria fell ill at her home in Calabasas, California. The singer was found unconscious by her governess. Before help arrived, her ex-husband, musician Danny Keogh, gave her artificial respiration by giving her mouth-to-mouth.

Paramedics gave Lisa Maria adrenaline and performed indirect chest compressions in an attempt to restore her pulse.

After these resuscitation measures, the artist was transported to the hospital.

Lisa Marie Presley went into cardiac arrest and is in the intensive care unit with a temporary pacemaker and is on life support.

She fell into a coma and is in critical condition.”

Here is the statement released by the family.

However, the daughter of the famous musician did not survive. It is with a heavy heart that I must share the terrible news that my beautiful daughter has left us,” confessed Priscilla Presley, mother of the late actress.

It was revealed that Lisa Marie had been complaining of stomach pains for some time and claimed that they had gotten worse; she had three daughters, a 33-year-old eldest daughter and 14-year-old twins. Presley’s son committed suicide two years ago: he was 27. The family of Elvis Presley went through difficult events last year. His widowed mother died.

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