It’s the funniest parrot in the world and you won’t be able to stop laughing

It’s the funniest parrot in the world and you’ll always burst out laughing at so many jokes.

The owner loves his smart and funny parrot very much and he likes to spend his free time having fun with him.

He is YouTuber “MegaBirdCrazy” who shared an adorable video of himself with his cockatoo called Pebble.

The video went viral and had thousands of people laughing.

In this clip, the cockatoo and his daddy are sitting on the sofa and the master asks the bird if he loves him.

And the cockatoo’s response is so funny that it makes everyone burst out laughing.

Instead of responding to its owner, Pebble just laughs hysterically and amusingly!

Now imagine asking your cockatoo a question “Do you love me?” “.

And you hope your animal will give you an answer. Still, Pebble in this video charmed netizens with his hilarious reaction.

Anyone who owns a cockatoo knows that it is one of the most entertaining pets.

Having a cockatoo is like having an extra member of the family, as it can make you laugh a lot, argue or joke with you.

He can even help you by providing psychic support during difficult times.

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