Instead of being similar, the twins are very different: the girls are now 13

When twins Marcy and Millie Biggs were born, they looked a lot alike.

Everything was the same, the eyes, the hair, the nose. But over time, the girls began to change.

Millie’s skin color has turned brown, her hair has become curly, her eyes have changed. But his sister remained blonde.

Seeing them, people thought that the little ones were of different nationalities and no one realized that they were twins.

This happened because their parents have different sires. You will see them if you look at their photo.

Michel, the children’s father, is from Jamaica and Amanda, the mother, is from England.

They met and they fell in love. And despite the judgments, they made a beautiful family and stayed together.

After the wedding, the woman soon became pregnant.

When the twins were born, the couple said one looked like dad and the other looked like mom.

But one day, the family became famous on the Internet.

It happened when thanks to a photographer, the picture of the children appeared on the cover of a magazine and there was also an article about them.

Currently, the girls are 13 years old. They learn well at school and play sports.

Marcy and Millie are sociable kids and have lots of friends.

Although the appearance of the twins is so different, they have the same taste.

She likes to read the same books, watch the same movies and often dress alike.

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