how ‚Vikings‘ star Travis Fimmel lives (photo)

The Australian star of Vikings is very different from the famous heroes of the film. Unlike Ragnarot, the actor isn’t married and doesn’t advertise his romances; the celebrity’s private life is hidden from the public.

According to 24CM, the 43-year-old actor has opened up about his attachment to the farm where he grew up. Between two projects, he takes the plane to visit his parents in Australia.

He steers clear of celebrity parties and narcissism, where fresh air and animals are close to the celebrity’s heart.

In his daily life, the actor is not obsessed with his appearance.

On the street, he can be seen wearing dirty clothes, unshaven and sporting beards; on social networking sites, he occasionally posts photos and videos of himself in poor physical condition.

However, Travis Fimmel is not only wanted for major projects, but also for independent films.

The next projects in which he will be involved have already been announced.

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