A teenager with Down syndrome has been recognized as a hero after saving two girls from drowning.

Valerio learned to swim, but also became a perfect swimmer

One day, Valerio was resting with his father and sister on the beach in Lazio, Italy.

The three were enjoying a peaceful day by the sea when, suddenly, they heard a call for help: two young girls, aged 10 and 14, were trapped and unable to reach dry land.

There were waves that day and the current carried the children further and further into the water.
The boy, together with his father, saved two drowning children.

Valerio had trained all his life and competed in the Olympics. So he knew he had to get the girl’s head out of the water to prevent her from suffocating.

The rescue team had just arrived when Valerio and his father pulled the girl to shore.

Later, the Italian sports minister presented him with a medal for his courage, bravery and sporting skills.

Valerio’s bravery not only made his parents proud, but also gave courage to all people born with a disability.

Valerio is a real hero, Mr. Valerio.

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