What a great transformation! The girl who weighed 300 kg is now unrecognizable

Everyone was amazed at his determination.

Christina Philipps has been overweight all her life. The thing is that her parents constantly quarreled, and from childhood the girl made an attempt at low stress with food. At the age of 17, Philipps already weighed 180 kg. Later, the girl began to date a guy who constantly fed Christina, and after a while her weight approached the mark of 300 kg.

The girl turned to the program “I weigh 300 kg”, they drew up a weight loss plan for her, made a stomach resection and removed extra skin. Later, Phillips simply began to monitor nutrition as well as exercise in the gym, the girl managed to lose 240 kg and currently weight later 60 kg.

Companions, relatives and only those who followed Christina’s life, are amazed at her determination!


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