this woman wakes up and thinks she’s 15, even though she’s 34

In the morning, the woman was sure she was 15 years old.

On April 30, 2008, 34-year-old Naomi Jacobs went to bed peacefully and woke up in another world.

In the morning the woman was sure that she was 15 years old: in one night she completely forgot about the last 15 years.

Opening her eyes in the morning, Naomi saw a strange room in front of me and was very scared. Then a teenage girl came into the room and called her son, and then a real shock awaited her.

She rushed into the bathroom to the mirror, where a grown woman stared at her.

Reality literally overturned Naomi. The ambitious student, before whom the whole world opened up, suddenly found herself an adult woman whose life was gradually declining.

Friends drove Ms. Jacobs to the doctor.

After several tests, a diagnosis was also made: very rarely encountered transistor global amnesia.

At the same time, a person does not lose acquired skills – Naomi remembered how to drive a car, she knew the credit card PIN and other similar things. But the overall memories disappeared completely, 15 years disappeared overnight.

Fortunately, this turned out to be a real solution to the problem.

Naomi needed nine weeks of constant therapy and working with doctors to face reality.

But every night, until she made a full recovery, she would go to bed, hoping to be woken up again by the pupil.

There is no evil without good. Naomi Jacobs, having passed all the tests, wrote a book that quickly became a bestseller and brought her money.

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