the “Pirates…” star is unrecognizable without makeup

Its actual appearance is truly unmatched.

The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has given fans many weird and colorful characters. One of them is the enchantress Tia Dalma. The actress‘ unusual make-up delighted fans. However, in reality, fans do not identify the performer of this role.

By the way, the role of the goddess Calypso was brought to life by the British actress named Naomie Harris. The girl’s mother spotted her talent and enrolled her in acting classes. Already at the age of eleven, Naomi played her first film role. But recognition was brought to him by “Pirates…”. In the film, the actress had black teeth, tattoos, and she was dressed in duds.

Nevertheless, in reality, the actress is a real beauty, she has nothing in common with the character. It should be mentioned that due to her beauty and chiseled figure, Naomi was also able to appear as a model.


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