Paparazzi caught actor Pitt with his new girlfriend on a yacht

Hollywood star Pitt was caught in Cabo San Lucas with her new lover

Recently, one of the hottest and most successful actors and well-deserved Oscar winners was spotted at an exotic beach resort with his new lover.

The paparazzi caught the Hollywood movie star in a swimsuit, and as far as Ines was concerned, she was topless and with a towel covering the lower part of her attractive body. Pitt wore a gold chain around his neck to compete his look with stylish sunglasses. The couple were spotted on sun loungers and looked totally relaxed with no idea they were actually being watched.

„He wasn’t so cool with his ex-wife“, „You can clearly see that the actor is really happy“, „Everything was totally different with Jolie“.

It should be noted that their relationship was revealed when the couple was surprised at the end of December during the celebration of the birthday of the man.


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