‚How Young We Were Then…‘ This Is How The Lovable Men In The Movies Have Aged Now

The stars before and after! The adorable men from the movies are getting old now

An incredible transformation has taken place in the lives of our idols. The reason is one which is time. And it’s a shame to see them as ordinary grandfathers, even if they haven’t lost their charm, charisma and shine. Their acting and historic act in legendary films will always keep them at the top of cinematography, but time is always unforgiving, so the idols of millions of women around the world have changed. It is important to mention that all of them had chosen an ordinary and natural way of aging. None of them had ever tasted any kind of intervention.

Adriano Celentano

Richard Gere

Alain Delon

mickey rourke

Jonny Depp

Dustin Hoffman

Bruce Willis

Antonio Banderas

Clint Eastwood

Robert de Niro

Sen Connery


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