You will be surprised to know what this girl gave up to marry her beloved

In recent times, members of the imperial family in Japan have become more sentimental.

Lately, in the Land of the Sun, it is the second princess who abandons her royal title and changes the customs of the imperial family by marrying for love.

Mako-Nishino, Emperor Naruhito’s eldest niece, has announced that she is going to marry a lawyer named Kei Komoro.

Soon, the future husband of the princess will have the results of the final qualifying exams.

According to the princess’s fiancé, he has already received a suggestion from American colleagues.

And after the wedding, the happy spouses will leave for the United States.

The young people have been together for eight years.

As early as 2017, social media started talking about their relationship and several people in the country focused their attention on Emperor Akihito’s granddaughter and her boyfriend.

Journalists informed that Empress Michiko, who is Mako’s grandmother, strongly criticized the choice of her granddaughter who is against the traditions of the imperial dynasty.

According to the official press, despite the intra-family disagreement, the couple decided to get married this year.

And the imperial family was forced to accept the will of their capricious princess.

Let us remember that the bride refused the financial assistance of the government which is a million and a half dollars.

She wants to build her life with her future husband without any help.

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