Watch how beautiful Julianne Moore’s daughter has become (photos)

The heiress actress is talking about her.

Julianne Moore gave her husband, director Bart Freundlich, two children: son Caleb and daughter Liv.

Media attention has recently focused on the actress heiress, who celebrated her 20th birthday last spring.

It must be admitted that Liv has turned into a real beauty.

She inherited red hair and gray eyes from her famous mother.

Amazingly, Moore’s daughter doesn’t just look the way she does.

So she followed her parents‘ lead and made her film debut in 2009, starring in a movie called The Nanny on Call.

Also, Liv tried her hand at modeling – with success. Not so long ago, she took part in a campaign for the cosmetics brand Hourglass with Moore.

In the photos, the mother and daughter are pictured cuddling, and the internet is now discussing the photos vigorously.

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