They hear screams coming from a crack in the ground and they discover something incredible

The men heard groans from a crack in the ground and they found something incredible.

The two friends used to go for walks in nature.

At the beginning of spring, since the weather was nice, they wanted to take advantage of the good weather.

Crossing the forest, they went in the direction of the nearby fields.

As they walked, the friends chatted as always. Suddenly, they heard voices coming from underground.

The men were a little terrified and surprised.

Then they noticed cracks in the floor. They approached and the heartbreaking cries continued to repeat themselves. It was like a cry for help.

The break in the ground was quite large and one of the men proceeded to examine the crack.

The other friend took out his cell phone to take a picture of their find.

The man noticed that it was a small animal. He slipped his hand deep into the opening and took out a tiny little lamb.

The baby fell there maybe a few hours ago and if the nice men didn’t appear in the right place at the right time, the little one could stay there forever.

As soon as they pulled him out, he ran to his mom who was nearby.

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