look what Jean-Paul Belmondo’s 19-year-old daughter looks like

The heir to the star grew up to be a beauty.

Jean-Paul Belmondo became the father of many children.

The youngest heiress of the famous actor Stella was born when he was already 70 years old.

The star heiress isn’t sure what she wants to devote her life to in her 19th birthday.

At the same time, she manages a social network and regularly shares new photos with the public.

Looking at them, we realize that the genes of the artist, now deceased, have come into play.

According to many netizens, Stella grew up being a carbon copy of her star father.

However, others claim the star heiress is more like her mother, model and dancer Natti Tardivel, whom Belmondo divorced in the summer of 2008.

However, Stella has become a real beauty: she has a slim figure, long blond hair and big blue eyes.

Her Father’s Genes Have Been Confirmed: See What Jean-Paul Belmondo’s 19-Year-Old Daughter Looks Like.

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