Women and men have spent millions of dollars to look like Kim Kardashian

Reality TV star, social media influencer and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian influences many people through her looks and activities.

Kim rose to fame in 2007 and continues to be so to this day.

There are even people who want to look like the star.

It may seem incredible and very surprising, but among the people who want to imitate Kim, there are also those of the male sex.

And to look like their idol, these women and men have spent millions of dollars.

For most people, such behavior on the part of Kardashian fans is treated as madness.

And what’s the point of copying someone’s appearance, even if he’s your hero?

Many followers on the Internet are waiting for a new photo of their idols every time to copy their appearance using makeup.

But there are those who spend a fortune on plastic surgeries.

For example, the girl, called Kitti, wanted to look like Jennifer Lawrence. And for plastic surgery, she paid $26,000.

And to copy the look of Kim Kardashian, a girl named Jennifer spent almost $470,000.

And this one, named Claire, spent $18,000.

And here is a more serious case. To look like Kim Kardashian, a man named Jordan James spent $130,000.

Do you find this normal?

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