This cutie who only had one day to live celebrated his first birthday

Little Hector was born in 2021. The child was born prematurely, at the 23rd week of delivery.

The doctors‘ prognoses were not reassuring and the little one had very little chance of surviving more than a day.

As the baby was born premature, he had several rather serious health problems.

Her 41-year-old mother Marie Clare and her father Hector were in a state of overwhelm.

“When he was born I hugged him tenderly and then he was taken to an incubator and my heart was so grieved,” Marie told BBC Scotland.

Fortunately, the little one was able to survive and it was a real miracle.

His parents admit that they had a difficult period of life.

After birth, the baby spent almost five months in the hospital, and until his first birthday he stayed there for almost 260 days.

In his short life, the toddler has had fifteen surgeries and been rushed to hospital more than 20 times.

Now Hector has just celebrated his first birthday. The little one fought for his life and he won.

It was not the easiest year for the baby and for his parents, but the complexity of the child’s condition decreased.

„We still have a long way to go, but I’m so happy and proud of my adorable little one,“ the woman told BBC Scotland.

Hector’s parents are full of gratitude to the doctors and all the hospital staff for their care and good attitude.

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