These spouses prove that love knows no age and they defend their marriage

These spouses say that love has no age and true love has no bounds.

Are they right? Each of us can have our opinion.

Iris Jones, an 82-year-old woman, and 36-year-old Mohamed Ibriham are united in a marriage affair.

She is from Somerset, England, and he is an Egyptian from Cairo.

The young man got to know the woman on the Internet in 2019.

And the 46-year age difference didn’t prevent them from meeting outside of Facebook, in real life.

Iris went to Cairo. They fell in love and got married in 2020 and currently live in England.

But the couple is accused by relatives and by several people in general.

People say that the young man married the old woman because of her money and to get a visa.

Mohamed had to defend his marriage several times.

The couple were invited to a British chat show called “This Morning. They talked about harassment from the public.

To all people’s judgments, Mohamed replied that he is a rich man and does not need his wife’s support and his wife is a pensioner and only receives a small pension.

“Many people criticize us. They don’t let us live peacefully. They don’t understand that I don’t need anything.

I work and have a bungalow in Cairo,” the man said.

The wife said the only complexity they have to overcome is that she has to adjust to a man at home and her husband needs to adjust to life in Europe.

The spouses also gave an interview to a newspaper, where they also talked about their emotional relationship.

And in this interview, too, they defended their marriage.

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