Elizabeth Hurley wore an extra-tight costume that stunned even loyal fans.

At 57, Elizabeth Hurley is the envy of younger girls. The reason is that at her age, the actress is not only fabulous, she is stunning. She is an English beauty with a flat stomach, taut skin and athletic build.

Elizabeth’s face shows no obvious age-related changes and it’s hard to believe the actress is in her sixth decade. Hurley is happy with her body and not afraid to show it off to her fans. That’s why social networks are flooded with photos of her on vacation, sometimes in very provocative bikinis.

In addition to open swimsuits, Elizabeth also likes to wear miniskirts, dresses with a deep neckline and, of course, clothes that emphasize the figure. At a New Year’s Eve party, the British actress chose a tight transparent suit. It was embroidered with rhinestones all over its surface and was covered with large clusters of stones in strategic places.

With an unusual crown on her head, Elizabeth struck an interesting pose in the photo, showing all of her graceful body. Her fans were shocked to see her like this.

However, they noted that, unlike the same Madonna, for example, the modern image of Hurley is not vulgar.

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