beautiful actress Bellucci appeared at the film festival and conquered everyone

Bellucci in a white dress with a brave neckline appeared at the film festival.

For a fan of a cult Italian diva, each of her appearance becomes a sensation, and a successful model increasingly pleases her subscribers with chic and successfully selected outfits.

The other day, the legendary actress visited the Film Festival in the Italian town of Spleto, where the paparazzi were lucky enough to catch a gorgeous movie star. The photos immediately scattered everywhere, forcing fans to admire their idol even more. Network users could not describe her seductive and unsurpassed image in a delicate snow-white dress with a deep neckline. In a word, the cult star left no one indifferent.

The Italian finished her image with a cream shirt covering her shoulders and sleek black sunglasses. The last shot was a proper elegant black bag.

While the recent appearance of a well-known movie star has once again caused a stir on the network. “An ideal woman is here!” , “I can’t believe she’s 58 already. How time flies”, “I haven’t seen her hotter yet!”.


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