As in a fairy tale: an ordinary girl married a foreign prince

Usually young girls dream of marrying a prince. Perhaps in her childhood, this girl too cherished such a dream.

She was born in a Slavic country and her name is Natasha. But, she didn’t think of any foreign country.

Now she is the wife of the eldest son of a noble Nigerian family.

The girl met her love while studying at the university. Young people started dating in the fourth year.

Upon learning that her son was having an affair with a foreign girl, Jacob’s mother immediately flew to her son.

She loved her son’s girlfriend very much, and the young people got married.

After the studies, Jacob returned with his wife to his native country.

Having arrived in Nigeria, the young woman understood that now she was part of a very noble family.

And even her husband’s maternal grandfather was from the royal family.

The family welcomed Natasha very warmly.

The couple had a boy. Raising their son and blogging about life in Africa has become the woman’s main occupation.

At home there were maids and the wife of a noble man was not allowed to clean or go to the store.

Lately, Natasha gave birth to a cute daughter.

More and more, the young woman got used to the customs of the family and currently she is a very happy woman and adores her husband.

She was able to love Nigeria too and wrote on Instagram that a country where such a wonderful man was born and raised cannot be bad.

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